work-1According to the demographics of Kerala, the average population in a panchayath being 20,000, 20 people (1 in 1000) are expected to have incurable conditions of cancer at any given time. Twice that many people, could be suffering from other life-threatening diseases. An equal number of people with restricted mobility needing Long Term Care is estimated. As the life expectancy of the population increases, the ageing population needing palliative care also increases. Therefore it can be assumed that up to 1% of the population requires palliative care.

Palliative care is total active care of patients with life limiting diseases, which needs a multidisciplinary team with shared goals and vision. Existing health care system in India is grossly inadequate to address the needs of patients suffering from incurable conditions of diseases such as cancer and pain associated with it, and people bed-ridden due to accidents and illnesses, and care of terminally ill patients at home.

Holistic approach in palliative care needs a team to alleviate the suffering, which has physical, psychological, social and spiritual dimensions. It needs a lot of human and material resources to achieve these basic elements of care.

In Kerala, NGOs and local self governing institutions using Public Health Centres (PHC) are doing a lot in palliative care but quality of these services are questionable in many cases, despite their noble intentions, due to lack of trained healthcare professionals and their full time non-availability in most centres. Out-of-hour services are not available and most of the clinics run by the NGOs are part time clinics. 24×7 services are a must to deliver quality palliative care and care should be delivered when the patient needs it, not when convenient to the provider.

Our vast experience in community based palliative care revealed weaknesses in our present system, which led us to think of innovative ideas to develop community-based care centers.

Community based rehabilitation centers are non-existent in our healthcare scenario and people suffering from such conditions are forced to rely on tertiary care hospitals for their primary needs like physiotherapy, catheter change, dressings etc. Lack of trained and qualified nurses in our community necessitates multiple hospital admission for minor problems like constipation, Ryle’s tube insertion etc. In addition, there is no support system for families and dependants of patients in terms of the psycho-social, emotional and financial issues they face.


Alpha Palliative care would like to establish Hospices with inpatient admision and Physiotherapy facilities in every district capital. Under the supervision of the Hospices and clinical teams, Link Centres with physiotherapy and Vocational Training facilities will be set-up in every block panchyat and major city.These will be owned, financed and operated by the local community. Working with Alpha staff, trained community volunteers, based in these Link Centres, will address the emotional, spiritual, social and financial problemsfaced by patients and their families and attempt to find a solution locally.


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