Project Punarjani (meaning “Re-birth”) is designed for enhancing the mobility of permanently bedridden individuals and those with restricted mobility, mainly due to old age. Our society consists of many individuals with permanent disability caused by either sickness or injury. Such unfortunate persons have little or no mobility and have to rely on their family for all aspects of their lives. Though equipped with a sound mind, the lack of physical ability virtually isolates them from the society. This scenario has huge implications on the psycho-social, emotional and financial well-being of the individuals and their families.

Punarjani, a brainchild of Alpha Palliative Care, is an attempt aimed at improving the quality of life of such members of our community. By virtue of this unique project, such individuals are categorized into various clubs. Club memberships are offered in several clubs that have been formed on the basis of the condition of patients. Goals are set for each member and regular physiotherapy is performed as advised by the neurologist. The project also offers multi-specialty intervention, counseling and rehabilitation opportunities. The progress is continuously monitored, and periodically evaluated against set goals.

Punarjini vision: To establish dedicated rehabilitation centre of excellence for those less fortunate physically challenged individual in our locality.

Punarjini mission: To provide comprehensive rehabilitation for mobility restricted patients by an expert team using the latest technologies