Santhwana Samanuayam- Working Capital Scheme for Alpha Link Center

Santhwana Samanuayam is network of voluntary supporters who donate every month to Alpha. Volunteers run subscription campaigns at their own time. Revenue goes directly to patient care. It is a novel example of community participation.

Brides of Alpha – Our Daughters Weddings

Wedding of the close relatives is found to be a major emotional concern of the patient. Consequently Alpha has devised a project for conducting the marriages of daughters and sisters of patients who cannot afford the wedding expenses. Bride-grooms are selected by the family. Alpha provides the arrangements for the marriages as per the customs and rites. Cash gift of Rs. 50,000 and 40 jewellery. Sadya (feast) is prepared and served
by volunteers. Cultural programmes are conducted by Alpha Kalavedi  (A cultural club of patients children). Marriages are contected  twice every year. 45 girls got married till now.

Alpha Homes
12 small flats have been provided for patients who lost their homes due to expensive treatments.

Alpha ITI
An Industrial Training Institute with State of the Art features to empower patients’ families by providing free technical education to their children. The institute is also open to the public.

Alpha Care Home
Alpha Care Home is another venture. It is a home for elderly orphans where people from various religious faiths live together in complete harmony.


Alpha Palliative Care is bringing the young and vibrant student community to spread
the message and engage them in Palliative Care projects. Alpha’s initiative of “One rupee
one Life’’ is a scheme which encourages each child to contribute one rupee from
his/her pocket money towards patients’ care. This daily action is a constant reminder
of the needs of the people suffering from pain and distress.

  • – Alpha Palliative Care proposes to set up Alpha Hospice in every district of Kerala. Every Alpha Hospice will support a network of Palliative Care Centres called Alpha Link Centers covering every panchayat and municipality in Kerala.
  • – Project Santhwana Kannikal (Alpha Link Center), is envisaged as a community funded, self supporting, sustainable palliative care network. These centres will be run by palliative-trained community volunteers and nurses under the supervision of trained doctors from their respective Alpha Hospice.
  • – All the services and medicines will be provided free of cost.
  • – We envision to take this to all states of India if we find the right partners sharing the same vision and passion!






Envisioned by Alpha as the first hospital in India dedicated to palliative care, the Center of Excellence could enhance the life span of thousands of patients.The Center of Excellence is at present a project in the pipeline and once operational,will add quality to the palliative care services offered by Alpha Palliative Care and other such organizations.


Alpha plans to offer the following facilities at the Centre of Excellence:

  • Palliative Care hospital for cancer patients
  • Assisted Living Facility for the physically challenged.
  • Assisted Living Facility for the mentally challenged.
  • Assisted Living Facility for old and sick orphans.