‘Hastha’  – Mrinalini Sarabhai Memorial National Choreography Festival

The first Mrinalini Sarabhai Memorial National Choreography Festival will be held in Thrissur from 19 to 21 January, 2017. The three-day long event organised by ‘Hastha’ will include a wide variety of programmes. Non-verbal choreographies that blend dance, Theatre and scenography will be considered for the competition section. Further,  choreographies that are developed out of classical dance forms will be given preference. Maximum duration of the presentations should be 70 mins. Out of all the entries, six best performances would be selected and invited to participate. The selection committee will comprise Exponents from the fields of dance and Theatre in the country.
Entries with themes related to nature, water, Atrocities against women or Contemporary adaptations of Indian mythology that is relevant to the present times, will be assigned preference. Troupes from outside Kerala will be eligible for a travel allowance of Rs. 25,000/-. CD  of the presentation along with duly filled application form (can be downloaded from website) should be sent to the address mentioned below, so as to reach on or before December 31. Soft copies of the application along with the YouTube link  (full video of the Performance) can be emailed to hastha.mrinalini@gmail.com.

First prize will be Rs 50,000, along with Rs 10,000 for the best choreographer, in addition to other prizes. Special competition will be held for college students. Prizes will be distributed by Mallika Sarabhai, famous dancer and the daughter of Mrinalini Sarabhai, at the closing function on January 21.

Abhimanyu Vinayakumar
Festival Director
1st Mrinalini Sarabhai Memorial National Choreography Festival

Secretary, HASTHA, Alpha Palliative Care Building, MG Road, Pottayil Lane, Thrissur-680004, Kerala.

Phone: 9497713919, email: hastha.mrinalini@gmail.com